Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Real Recognize Real

There are a lot of things that I can relate to. I relate to those who love basketball. I relate to people who care about objectivity in journalism. I can relate to people who are against bias, and one-side being championed over another. I can relate to people who have come from a single parent home to beat the odds and try and make something of themselves. But the one thing I definitely can relate to is the city.

I dont know what it is, but I'm a natural city boy. I can't go to sleep comfortably with the sounds of cars or sirens. Hip Hop and R&B are my music of choice. I can't stand country music. I love skyscrapers, the fast pace life, the Starbucks and McDonald's on every corner. I would rather have the condo on the 57th floor than the hundred acre ranch. I knew that I love the city and that it loved me back, and out of all the time I've spent with it she's never done me wrong. I'm not dead, I've never been robbed, and I've never gotten too lost lol. If you know me you know that the District of Columbia is my heart, one of my passions, and most favorite place to be. Also if you know me, you know that New York City is my mistress; my second love. Thats why when i first came here on leisure I knew I wanted to be here. But these past two weeks and few days have further solidified that I want to live her. For a long time.

I am going to post all of what I want to say later, but I thought I would let you guys enjoy some of my pictures instead of hearing me ramble :)

All of these pics and more can be seen on my facebook! God Bless!

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