Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Politico

So this note has been about a month in the making. I'm seeing how rapidly en vouge it's becoming to be "political" And I'm proud (kinda) that Americans are (sorta) finally caring about whats going on in the world and around them. But let's be very clear, just cause you write a note about who you support doesn't mean that you are a political expert, or even know what you're talking about. There is quite a bit of lunacy in this presidential race, and rightfully so, due to the magnitude of importance this has on our country and which way we're headed.

There's no secret about who I support for the Presidential Race in 2008, but the difference between most other people and I is that I know how to be objective, and subjective, which ever the issue calls me to be. So let's keep it real, shall we? First of all, let's call a spade a spade. The Republican candidates have a very smart political thing going on. I commend them on their political strategy, but hey when you do the same thing for years you become great at it right? I'm going to break down the strategies that they use so YOU can look at them transparently. The first of these is what I call the "Ja Rule and 50 Cent" strategy.

If you know anything about Rap, you might already know where Im going with this. Ja Rule was at one time the most popular rapper not only in the rap game, but in pop music as well. He was reaching the masses from the hood to suburbia. Things were good for hiim, no? Then along comes 50 Cent, who very effectively discredited Ja's "street cred" because he made songs like "I Cry", "Down *ss Chick", and "Where would I be Without You", all songs that talk about love and more than just toting guns. 50 Cent single handedly ruined Ja's career. But in turn, started making the very type of music that he shunned Ja for making. Most of 50 Cent's music have those catered to female undertones.

Barack Obama has built his campaign on the concept of "Change" And "Hope", and the Republicans have made it their issue to discredit this message of change, and say in essence that this message is false. BUT lo and behold right after their drab, clap after every 10 seconds, embarrassingly lacking diversity Republican National Convention, all of a sudden they are "Agents of Change" and my personal favorite, "Political Mavericks". They took the basis of Obama's campaign, and are taking it to use for their own crooked agenda. They seek to discredit Obama's "political cred" and run on the agenda that Barack has built. Ingenious indeed!

Realness check: How many people honestly, honestly, HONESTLY have heard of Sarah Palin BEFORE she was chosen as McCain's runningmate? I highly doubt you have, and its ok to admit so. I hadn't. But its just another ingenious ploy by the Republican party. DON'T THINK FOR A SECOND THAT HER SELECTION TO BE THE VP WAS A RANDOM ACT OF ENI MINNEY MINI MO!!! Just think, we've known McCain was going to be the nominee for almost a year now. Huckabee sucked major butt sorry lol. The next strategy is what i call the "Counteracting the History Factor".

Since the Republicans knew that they would be running against either a Black Man or a White Woman for the Presidential Race wayyyyy back in December or Janurary, they had to get someone to lessen the fact that is would be historic and unprecedented if either Obama or Hillary won the Democratic Primaries. So who do you choose to Counteract the awe that history is about to be made? Mitt Romney? No..Rudy Juliani? Wrong Again....Sarah Palin was the perfect hand picked vp candidate to make McCain seem younger and more "Hip". Don't believe me? Why else would on August 29, 2008 would they, one day after Barack became the first man of ethnic descent to be nominated by a major party for president on August 28th, announce Palin as McCain's runningmate? Coincidence? I think not. Smartly contrived politics? Very much so.

Like I said, Im quite objective, and can call a spade a spade. It's paticularly funny that the Repulican party ran ads that called Obama a "Celebrity" and likened him to Brittany Spears and Paris Hilton, are now flocking to Palin and her CELEBRITY, just as admittedly a lot of democrats did Obama.

My stance on Palin and her running mate is as follows: She either is comfortable with lying and stretching the truth, or must think that the American people are stupid. I promise this is the last point lol.

Attention: PALIN IS NOT TELLING THE TRUTH ABOUT THE "BRIDGE(S) TO NOWHERE"! Read people! Look up facts! I read about this situation before she even ran that "political maverick" ad. The truth is, running for Govenor of Alaska in 2006 ran on a "Build the Bridge" platform, that would build a bridge from Ketchikan to Gravina Island (Population 50) and another bridge that would connect Knik Arm to provide a new route from the capitol of Anchorage to her hometown Wasilla. The Gov't Earmarked (Gave money to) the project in 2005 at around $442 million to build the bridges, but later reversed their stance under heavy criticism, but gave the money to Alaska anyway. In September 2007 AFTER THE BRIDGE RECIEVED CRITICISM FROM ONE JOHN MCCAIN, Pain canceled the Gravina Bridge and blamed the house and senate for it. In her acceptance speech at the RNC she said, and I quote " I told the Congress thanks, but no thanks for that Bridge to Nowhere".The latest McCain Pain tv ads claim she "stopped" the Bridge to nowhere. So like i said, she's either comfortable lying, (being the great "Chirstian Champion"that she is), or she thinks that you and I are stupid, and don't read. It's one of the two.

In conclusion, my stance is this: I applaud the Repbulican candidates. But i shall not laud them. (Copyright lol) If you don't understand it Look it up. lol Love you guys, and let's keep living in truth!

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